2020 Double Century Update

There is absolutely no question that the last few months have been a trying and testing time for us all. For the team behind the organization of the Double Century cycling event this has never been more true.

A number of queries have been received around the status of the Double Century for 2020. The challenge we have in responding to these queries is the uncertainty that lies before us in respect of the regulations yet to be stipulated by National Government.

We are however working closely with the relative authorities as we formulate a number of plans and scenarios around the possible hosting of an event in an evolving covid environment.

The process we are following involves the planning of various scenarios of the event type and activation, these will be presented to the authorities and relevant stakeholders for approval. These various scenarios will attempt to address issues of sanitisation and minimum group size as well as regulations around distancing.

It is our stated objective to attempt to create an event or version thereof that is acceptable to all stakeholders and affords us, as cyclists, the chance to once again stretch our legs in the great outdoors.

While we realize that this does not completely answer all of your questions, we would like to assure you that we are working as best we possibly can towards a viable solution. We will keep you posted on further developments via the website and our various social media channels.