New Old Mutual Wealth Double Century trophies, designed by Carrol Boyes

The Old Mutual Wealth Double Century is pleased to announce Carrol Boyes as the new event trophy sponsor.

In this new role, Carrol Boyes has designed and created four new trophies for the Old Mutual Wealth Double Century. This year the winning men’s, women’s, mixed, and tandem teams

will be rewarded with incredible floating trophies from the iconic South African design company. 

With a legacy spanning more than 30 years, the Carrol Boyes brand produces premium lifestyle products and bespoke designs that have captured the hearts and minds of people around the world. Of late, the company has also embarked on a journey to become the go-to trophy designer for major sporting events South Africa. 

Janine George, who creatively leads Carrol Boyes says: “We are proud to take Carrol’s legacy and be the leading design house of bespoke trophies and awards in the industry. Carrol’s vision was to be South Africa’s preferred bespoke trophy and award designer.”

David Bellairs of the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust, organisers of the Old Mutual Wealth Double Century, says pairing Carrol Boyes with the Double Century brings together two South African brands both renowned for their style and substance.

“When you think of Carrol Boyes products you immediately conjure images of premium, enchanting, and enduring designs – very much like the route and challenge of the Double Century. As one of the best-loved long-distance cycling events in the country, we are thrilled to now be able to present our racing category winners with a trophy that befits their racing efforts. At the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust we pride ourselves on hosting world-class events, and now we are further elevating the Double Century by partnering with the world-class design talents at Carrol Boyes.”

Senior Product Designer from Carrol Boyes, Holly Birkby, has created a unique trophy selection that beautifully captures the elements of teamwork and perseverance of the Old Mutual Wealth Double Century. “The extreme inclined shape of the trophy is a metaphor for the challenges to conquer on the route and the final hill-climb of the race – the final test of endurance,” says Birkby.

The 2021 Old Mutual Wealth Double Century takes place in Swellendam on Saturday 27 November. With the new trophies up for grabs, expect the racing to be fierce from the leading teams. 

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ISSUED BY: The OMW Double Century Media Office

ON BEHALF OF: Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust 

DATE ISSUED: 5 November 2021