About the Old Mutual Wealth Double Century Double Century

The annual Old Mutual Wealth Double Century is the grand-daddy of endurance events in South Africa; a unique time trial that sees 250 teams of between six and 12 riders unite to ride the 202km route as fast as they can (or as happily as they can). Owned by the Pedal Power Association, the event is organised by The Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust and the 2022 edition takes place in November, once again hosted by Swellendam.

Starting in Swellendam, riders head out on the N2, turning left onto the R324 through Suurbraak before tackling the first challenge of the day: Tradouw Pass. With that ticked off, the road rolls past Barrydale to the foot of the legendary Op de Tradouw ascent, a long grind that tests legs and minds ahead of the first nutrition stop of the day. The speedsters will skip this one and head straight down into Montagu, where a portion of the route remains under construction. An extended neutral zone will be implemented as a safety measure on the still-untarred stretch of road between Montagu and Ashton. A strict speed limit will be implemented between the timing at the start of the construction area and the Ashton Team Support Zone, where teams can connect with their backup crews, before tackling the final 80km past Robertson, Bonnievale, and the triple-whammy finish over the Three Stooges of the R317 into Swellendam.

The Old Mutual Wealth Double Century is more than just a bike race; it is a test of team spirit, sense of humour, and camaraderie. Friendships are made, and strengthened as teams push on to meet the 16h30 Swellendam cut-off and the staggered cut-offs along the route.

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Heritage And History

25 years ago, a few brave men thought up a crazy endurance ride…

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