Team Categories

Your team’s category is determined by the first five riders to cross the finish line of the Old Mutual Wealth Double Century, not by the make-up of the team when you enter. For the 2021 event, the categories will be Open, Mixed, Women and Tandem.

Open Team

A team consisting of all conventional cyclists, which does not fit any of the other classifications.

Mixed Team

A team where at least three women finish in the first five team riders across the line, failing which the team will be classified Open.

Women’s Team

An all-women team finishing with between five and 10 riders.

Tandem Team

All team members must be on tandems, with no conventional bikes. Teams with conventional bikes and tandems combined will be given an official time, with an Open Team classification, but will not be eligible for any team prizes. (Only if there are more than five (5) teams participating as Tandem Teams, will prize money be awarded for this category).

Charles Milner Medal

The Charles Milner Medal celebrates the team spirit that is unique to the Old Mutual Wealth Double Century. It is named after one of the founders of the Double Century, who hosted the early events at Natte Valleij, his farm just outside Stellenbosch.

Teams that start and finish with all 10 riders, with the last rider finishing no more than 10 minutes later than the first, earn a special medal in addition to their normal finisher’s medal.

Charles Milner medals can be collected from the Finish Area in Van Eeden street directly after the team crosses the finish line.

Team Seeding and Start Order

All teams will be seeded to ensure the slowest start first, and the fastest last. Click the button below to find your team’s start time.

Start times Coming Soon