Route Conditions And Neutral Zones

WHAT YOU NEED TO BE AWARE OF: Ongoing roadworks are currently taking place between Montagu and Ashton affecting a section of this years’ route. Approximately 10km of the route is affected by these roadworks.

An enforced & monitored neutral zone will be instituted from Van Riebeeck Road in Montagu through the Cogmanskloof Pass to the end of the Ashton Team Support Zone in Zandvliet Road. In the neutral zone between Montagu and Ashton, no cyclists are permitted to cycle at an average speed exceeding 30km/h. We encourage participants to utilise the full 30 minutes of neutral time allocated to cycle the 10km, ensuring maximum safety. Once reaching the traditional Team Support Zone in Zandvliet Road, cyclists will have a further 15 minutes of neutral time to refuel at their designated Team Support Zone areas. Any riders found exceeding an average speed of 30km/h through the Cogmanskloof Pass neutral zone will have their team time penalised by 30 minutes. This is being done in the interests of safety and in order for us to secure route access and permissions.

The total neutral time allocated to participants is 45 minutes (Total distance of the neutral zone, including the Team Support Zone, is 12.5km).

Below is a description of sections of the roadworks/construction area:

Van Riebeeck Road, Kerk and Lang Street, Montagu

Length: 3.7km

The road condition is no worse than it was in 2019. Currently, the neutral zone will commence once you have turned into Van Riebeeck Road.  Riders will then turn right into Kerk Str and then left into Lang Street, and proceed over Cogmanskloof Pass.

Cogmanskloof Pass

Length: 5.7km

This Pass will be closed to vehicular traffic for the duration of the event. The road surface is mostly reasonable to cycle over. However, there is only one lane available to participants for most of the way through the Pass. The other lane may be obstructed by debris and construction vehicles and therefore, please be alert while negotiating this section.

Ashton: from the Pass to the turnoff at Zandvliet Road

Length: 3km

Please note that the road condition in Ashton is also not great. It will be busy with motor vehicles backed up waiting for the Pass to reopen. Please note that this section of the road is still within the neutral zone.

Zandvliet Road, Ashton

Length: 2.5km

Here, cyclists will meet up with their Team Support Vehicles at the traditional first Team Support Zone.

Total time allocated from the start of the enforced neutral zone to the exit of the Team Support Zone in Ashton is 45 minutes.

After the Team Support Zone in Zandvliet Road, the first kilometre exiting Ashton also has roadworks and is a narrow road. If these roadworks have not been completed before the event, you must exercise caution negotiating through here as well. We will be monitoring the progress of all roadworks and will keep teams up to date with the situation.

Important note: The description above is based on the situation along the Old Mutual Wealth Double Century route at the time of entry applications opening. We realise that things will change and we will keep you fully informed of the conditions and safety measures being implemented.

By entering the event, all riders accept that they are aware of the situation in respect of the route and roadworks affecting it, as well as the potential measures (detailed above) that may be implemented to ensure the safety of the participants.

Please note that these Route Conditions and Neutral Zones are not final and may change closer to the time.

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