Training Tips

The PPA Double Century is an endurance event that demands a fitness and preparation level well above any other event on the South Africa road calendar. Let the experts help you get the most out of your build up to the event.

How to ride more efficiently over 200 kilometres

In 2017 Mad Macs presented by Hazz caused something of an upset to finish third overall at the Coronation Double

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Five Important Things To Pack for CDC Race Day

A long, one-day stage race, such as the Coronation Double Century, has a slightly different packing list than for your

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Tips to Prepare for Coronation Double Century

The Coronation Double Century is a true test of endurance and skill.  Pedalling in excess of 200km in the space

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Important Snacks for Riders

When asked, CDC riders rated their favourite energy booster race snacks as: banana bread and bananas, toast with honey, Coke,

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The Four Fundamentals of Endurance Nutrition

How to fuel for a long one-day stage race like the Coronation Double Century The Coronation Double Century is a

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The Coronation Double Century – It’s a Team Sport

The Coronation Double Century is no Saturday morning coffee ride. You have to be fit and you have to be

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