Race Entry Terms And Conditions

  1. Entry Requirements

1.1       To compete in the CDC, riders must turn at least 18 (eighteen) years in the year of the event.

1.2       The team entry fee will not be refunded if the team is unable to participate in the CDC. Should the team find another team to replace them, this change will be implemented free of charge until 5 November 2019. Should the withdrawing team wish to sell their team, they may not sell it for more than what they originally paid for it.

1.3       If entrants are unable to take part in the event and wish to have their entry substituted, their entry may be substituted at no charge using the online management system, until 5 November 2019. After the substitution closing date, any additions to the team and any substitute rider must pay a substitution fee of R200. The team captain must ensure that the substitute rider follows the correct substitution procedure which is found at http://www.coronationdc.co.za/entry-info/. If the correct procedure is not adhered to and the substitute rider is found riding illegally, the entire Team will be disqualified outright and could be sanctioned. The onus is on the team captain to notify the Events Office of any substitutions. No rider may be changed (substituted) on the day of the event. This needs to be done at the registration venues provided.

1.4       The CDC will take place regardless of bad weather and will only be cancelled, re-routed or stopped for reasons of safety. In this unlikely event, entry fees are not refundable.

1.5       Communication on CDC-related matters will be done by e-mail or SMS. It is each entrant’s responsibility to keep their contact details up to date by contacting the organisers on info@coronationdc.co.za or by visiting this link:


1.6       Riders consent to the use of all photographic or video material pertaining to their participation in the CDC made by the organisers or their assignees during any activity deemed to be part of the CDC at any time in the present or future.

1.7       The organiser reserves the right to refuse any person’s entry, or cancel any person’s entry up to the day before the CDC.


  1. CDC Rules

2.1       The CDC is a team event and team members should cycle together. Teams must consist of between six and twelve members in order to obtain a result, however a team with less than six cyclists will be allowed to start the event. The time of the sixth cyclist across the finish line will be taken as the team’s official time. Team members finishing behind the sixth cyclist of that team, will receive their actual finishing time, and will be listed as finishers, provided that they finish within the cut-off time of 10 hours and 30 minutes. Teams finishing with fewer than six members will not be eligible for any prizes and will receive the time of the last rider in that team.

2.2       All teams competing for podium positions and prize money should note that the regulations of Cycling South Africa and the UCI will apply for the Coronation Double Century. If you are in any doubt on any aspect of these regulations, please contact either Cycling South Africa or your provincial cycling body.

2.3       Each cyclist must participate with a RaceTec (or Winning Time) timing chip and shall not ride with another cyclist’s number or timing chip without adhering to the substitution procedure referred to in clause 1.3 above. A person who has entered shall not give his/her number and/or RaceTec (or Winning Time) timing chip to another person to use. In the case of tandem cyclists, both cyclists must wear a RaceTec (or Winning Time) timing chip. No chip, no ride, no result. Teams will be checked in the line-up to the start. Teams will not be allowed to start without all their team members wearing RaceTec (or Winning Time) timing chips.

2.4       Cyclists may not tow (be connected by means of any physical object) any fellow cyclist within his/her team or any other cyclist from another team. Cyclists of the same team may push other cyclists of the same team or hang on to fellow cyclists of the same team (using hands) but need to do so only when it is safe to do so.

2.5       The team captain or representative may collect the team’s race numbers and cyclist information on:

Tuesday, 19 November 2019 (14h00 – 19h00) Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust Offices: 65 Avenue de Mist, Rondebosch

Wednesday, 20 November 2019 (14h00 – 19h00) Venue to be confirmed

Friday, 22 November 2018 (12h00 – 20h00) Swellendam Showgrounds, Swellendam

No Registration will be done on the morning of the event!

2.6       Registration will be done per TEAM, and not per individual. Team captains are responsible for the collection of the race packs for the whole team and for distribution thereof to the individual team members.

2.7       The start times and start order will be communicated to the team captains and uploaded to the website one week prior to the event. Starting times must be strictly adhered to. If for whatever reason, your team starts late, your official completion time will not be adjusted.

2.8       Teams must present themselves for line-up in the start area on the Swellendam Showgrounds in Somerset Street, no later than 20 minutes before their scheduled start time.

2.9       The neutral zone at the Ashton Team Support Zone has been extended to begin in van Riebeeck Road, Montagu, and end 14km later at the end of the Team Support Zone in Zandvliet Road.  The additional 11km of neutral zone includes van Riebeeck Road (1km), the whole of Cogmanskloof Pass (6km) and the centre of the town of Ashton (4km).

Cyclists will pass over a timing mat in van Riebeeck Road to “clock out”.  From here, they will have an hour of neutral time to traverse the neutral zone and meet up with their Support vehicle and refuel in the Team Support Zone. No cyclist is permitted to exceed an average speed of 30km/h in the 11km neutral zone between the start of the neutral zone in van Riebeeck Road and the beginning of the Ashton Team Support Zone in Zandvliet Road. Any cyclist found exceeding this average speed limit will incur a penalty of 30mins for their entire team.

2.10    No cyclist may pass the lead vehicle at any point during the race. If any cyclist does not adhere to this rule, your team will face disqualification

2.11    Teams are allowed to have ONE Support vehicle per Team Support Zone only. The registration number of these vehicles must be given to the organisers by the team captain / team driver when collecting the race packs at registration. Teams will be disqualified should they have more than one vehicle per Team Support Zone, or any unofficial Support vehicles at the Support Zone or on the route.

PLEASE NOTE: Support vehicles may not follow their teams for the entirety of the route. They may only assist their teams at the two Team Support Zones being Ashton and Bonnievale. It is the responsibility of the team captains as well as the team’s Support crews to know these areas as teams WILL face disqualification should a Support crew be found supporting their teams anywhere but at the two demarcated team assistance areas. This is a strict safety conscious decision and a ZERO TOLERENCE approach will be taken.

2.12    Megaphones or loud-hailers may be used.

2.13    All support vehicles must clearly display the identification signage as supplied by the organisers.

2.14    Cyclists who cannot continue from the Ashton Team Support Zone, must get into their Support vehicle. Cyclists who cannot continue from the Bonnievale Team Support Zone, must get into their Support vehicle. Cyclists who cannot continue anywhere else along the route will be collected by a sweep vehicle.


  1. Feeding Stations, Refreshment Stations and Team Support Zones

Team Support Zones:

Cyclists may only feed from their Support vehicle at the two Team Support Zones (Ashton and Bonnievale). Support vehicles may not travel on any part of the route other than at these two points. Water will be available to fill bottles at both Team Support Zones

Refreshment stations:

Top of Tradouw Pass (32km) – water & Coca Cola)

On the corner just before Rooibrug on the R317 (145km) – water & Coca Cola

Feeding Stations:

Top of Op de Tradouw Pass (65km) – water, Coca Cola & food.

Drew, just after the low level bridge over the Breede River (176km) – water, Coca Cola & food.


3.1    Every cyclist shall ride carefully and with due regard to the safety of other cyclists and other road users.

3.2     Every cyclist shall wear a bicycle helmet with the strap securely fastened under his/her chin.

3.3    Every cyclist  shall immediately comply with the instructions of the CDC marshals, BMW Bike marshals and/or traffic officers. All CDC appointed staff will be clearly identifiable.

3.4     Every cyclist  shall immediately provide the relevant information as requested by a CDC marshal, BMW Bike marshal and/or traffic officer. All CDC appointed staff will be clearly identifiable.

3.5     Every cyclist  shall keep as far to the left of the road surface as is safe having regard to the circumstances and conditions.

3.6     Every cyclist  shall at all times display his/her race number legibly and ensure it is pinned on to the back of his/her shirt. Riders are also requested to affix the Number Board provided to the front of the handlebars. This will assist with easy identification of teams and will help the crew to guide riders to the correct start chute on the morning of the event.

3.7     Every cyclist  shall identify him/herself and give his/her personal details upon request to a CDC marshal, BMW Bike marshal and/or traffic officer, and to any other rider and/or official requesting such information after a collision or race incident.

3.8     A cyclist  shall not ride a bicycle fitted with triathlon, time trial or “Spinachi”-type bars and the organisers reserve the right to disallow the use of certain types of bladed wheels that are considered unsafe.

3.9     Every cyclist  shall ride the full CDC course or retire if he/she does not complete the full CDC course.

3.10     Cyclists are required to reach the CDC finish line in Swellendam by 16h30. Cut-offs will also be implemented along the route. Any cyclist found on the route after the cut off time, will face disqualification.

3.11     Each cyclist must complete the route within 10 hours of elapsed riding time in order to receive a result.

3.12     In Ashton and Bonnievale, when teams meet their Support vehicle, they will be given the opportunity to “clock out” for a maximum period of 30 (thirty) minutes which will NOT count towards their teams’ riding time. ALL teams will be directed through this area and therefore all teams will be “clocked in” and “clocked out” of the Team Support Zone. Teams will be required to cross a timing mat when “clocking in” and a second mat when “clocking out” of the Support Zone. Should teams fail to “clock out”, their 30 minutes will be counted towards their overall riding time. The team’s time will stop once the 6th rider of that team crosses the “entry” check mat, and will start again when the first cyclist  of the team crosses the second “exit” mat.

3.13     A cyclist may not use a personal music system, e.g. iPod, or a radio communication device, including a cellular phone, whilst riding.

3.14    Should a cyclist be dropped from their team, he/she may ride behind another team if that team gives their permission. Such a cyclist must not interfere with the speed that this team is travelling at.

3.15     A cyclist shall not use foul or offensive language or make offensive, indecent or inappropriate gestures.

3.16     A cyclist shall wear clothing appropriate for a family event at all times.  Our minimum requirement is a cycling top, cycling pants, helmet and the appropriate footwear.

3.17     A cyclist shall not dispose of any litter – including water bottles, gel sachets and food – along the CDC course except in refuse bins.

3.18     A cyclist shall not smoke on the route during the CDC

3.19     A cyclist may not start or attempt to start before his/her designated start group. Any cyclist who does so may be disqualified.

3.20     A cyclist shall complete the CDC course with his/her own effort and shall not receive any assistance in this regard other than drafting behind or being pushed by another cyclist or cyclists of his/her own team in the CDC. No slipstreaming of motor vehicles, nor holding onto motor vehicles is permitted, with time penalties or possible disqualification for a team or any individual team member who slipstreams motorised vehicles.

3.21     No participant may accept a lift in any vehicle for any part of the route, except when withdrawing from the event.

3.22     The N2 is dangerous with fast-moving traffic. You must therefore ride in single file within the road shoulder from Swellendam to the turn-off to Suurbraak and exercise extreme caution when overtaking.

3.23     TEAMS MUST STAY APART: One team may not, under any circumstances, join another team along the route and teams are required to remain apart, except when overtaking.

3.24    When a team overtakes another team, they must ride in single file until clear of the other team.

3.25     We appeal to participants to ride no more than two abreast, in order to assist with the easy flow of traffic.

3.26     A cyclist shall be responsible to other riders for the proper control of his/her bicycle.

3.27     A cyclist shall provide reasonable assistance to any other cyclist involved in an accident while participating in the CDC.

3.28     A cyclist may not participate whilst under the influence of alcohol or any drug or medication that prevents or might prevent a rider from properly controlling his/her bicycle.

3.29     A cyclist shall not display on his/her bicycle, clothing and cycling equipment any writing, logo or item that is offensive or that may bring the CDC into disrepute, as determined by the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust.

3.30     A cyclist who is informed by a CDC marshal that his/her conduct may lead to him/her being disqualified shall immediately report to the organiser’s office when completing the course.

3.31     Any reasonable medical or emergency evacuation costs incurred on behalf of a cyclist by the CDC will be for the cost of the cyclist.

3.32    Team categories will be determined by the first 6 cyclists from each team that crosses the finish line, and not according to the way the team is entered. Categories for the 2017 Coronation Double Century will be Open, Mixed, Ladies and Tandem.

Categories for the 2017 Coronation Double Century are as follows:


  1. Sanction For The Contravention Of The Rules

4.1     Every cyclist entering the CDC consents to his/her name and/or race number being publicly displayed and publicised (including on the internet) in the event that he/she is disqualified.

4.2     A cyclist may be disqualified summarily without a hearing by the protest panel, the Race Director or Chief Commissaire.

4.3     Such summary disqualification may be done immediately or after the finish of the CDC, but no later than 10 working days after the event (Friday, 13 December 2019).

4.4     In the event that a cyclist is aggrieved by a summary disqualification he/she may request in writing to the protest panel 60 minutes after being informed of the summary disqualification, but no later than 16h00 on Race Day, to be reinstated. Such a cyclist may supplement such a request for reinstatement in the event of him/her receiving further information at a later time. The tribunal appointed may extend this time on good cause shown.

4.5     Any such request for reinstatement shall be considered by a tribunal consisting of one or more people appointed for that purpose who may:

4.5.1   Take no action;

4.5.2   Reinstate the person or team;

4.5.3   Order that further information be obtained.

4.5.4   Impose additional penalties including a fine of up to R1 000.00 (one thousand rand) and/or recommend to the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust that the person or team shall not be eligible to compete in the CDC in future.

4.6     In addition, whether or not a cyclist or team has been summarily disqualified, the tribunal appointed for the purpose may, on notice to a cyclist by e-mail or other means of communication, call a hearing to determine whether a cyclist should be disqualified or another penalty imposed for a breach of the rules.

4.7     In the event of a disqualification, whether summary or after a hearing, a cyclist or team shall forthwith return any prize previously awarded to the team and comply with any sanctions imposed.

4.8     The chairperson of the tribunal shall determine the procedure to be followed at any hearing, including whether a hearing shall be conducted on written evidence and representations only or also an oral hearing, and the nature of evidence (including hearsay) to be allowed. A cyclist shall not be entitled to legal representation at such a hearing, except with the permission of the chairperson of the tribunal. The tribunal shall make decisions on a balance of probabilities.

4.9     An appeal to the Trustees of the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust (the “Trustees”) may be made in writing within 3 (three) days after the tribunal has delivered its decision. The Chairperson of the Trustees shall determine the procedure to be followed for such appeal.

4.10     Notwithstanding  in other provision in these rules, protests related to racing categories, that may affect the outcome of prize category winners must be lodged to the Race Director within 30 minutes of the 6th cyclist of the team finishing, in writing, by no later than 14h00 on the day of the event. The protesting team will need to pay a R200 protest fee, which will be refunded, should the team’s protest be successful. Protests must officially be lodged at Swellendam Showgrounds to the Chief Commissaire.

4.11     Based on the information provided the Protest Committee will decide to accept or reject the protest until such time that they feel there is enough information to carefully consider the protest, if at all.

4.12     Medal presentation will not occur if the protests have not been finalised. However the Protest committee will endeavour to make a decision before prize giving, which decision will be final

4.13     General objections & protests: Protests related to general infringements must be lodged to the Race Director within 30 minutes of the cyclist or team finishing, in writing, by no later than 16h00 on the day of the event.

4.14 Cyclists, or teams, that may be seen as transgressing, will be issued with a warning. Any of these teams are required to report to the Protest Committee after your team has completed the event. Failure to report to the protest committee may result in action taken against your team, and no appeal will be considered. Team captains need to be contactable for the week after the CDC.


  1. Prizes & Prize giving 


  1. Coronation Double Century Road Conditions

WHAT YOU NEED TO BE AWARE OF: Ongoing roadworks are currently taking place between Montagu and Ashton affecting a section of this years’ route. Approximately 10km of the route is affected by these roadworks.

An enforced & monitored neutral zone will be instituted from Van Riebeeck Road in Montagu through the Cogmanskloof Pass to the end of the Ashton Team Support Zone in Zandvliet Road. In the neutral zone between Montagu and Ashton, no cyclists are permitted to cycle at an average speed exceeding 30kph. We encourage participants to utilise the full 30 minutes of neutral time allocated to cycle the 10km, ensuring maximum safety. Once reaching the traditional Team Support Zone in Zandvliet Road, cyclists will have a further 30 minutes of neutral time to refuel at their designated Team Support Zone areas. Any riders found exceeding an average speed of 30kph through the Cogmanskloof Pass neutral zone will have their team time penalised by 30 minutes. This is being done in the interests of safety and in order for us to secure route access and permissions.

The total neutral time allocated to participants is 60 minutes (Total distance of the neutral zone, including the Team Support Zone, is 12.5km).

Below is a description of sections of the roadworks/construction area:


Van Riebeeck Road, Montagu

Length: 3.3km

The road condition is no worse than it was in 2016. Currently, the neutral zone will commence 2km after you have turned into Van Riebeeck Road. 1.3km after the beginning of the neutral zone, participants will turn left onto the R62 where the roadworks start. For the safety of the participants and in the event of adverse road conditions, we reserve the right to move the start of the neutral zone to another suitable point along Van Riebeeck Road should this be necessitated.


Cogmanskloof Pass

Length: 5.7km

This Pass will be closed to vehicular traffic for the duration of the event. The road surface is mostly reasonable to cycle over. However, there is only one lane available to participants for most of the way through the Pass. The other lane may be obstructed by debris and construction vehicles and therefore, please be alert while negotiating this section.

Approximately 1.5km from where cyclists join the R62 from Van Riebeeck Road (just before the tunnel/arch), there is an untarred, gravel section of about 300m. It is a rough, but currently rideable section and has some loose gravel in parts. If the road surface worsens, we reserve the right to enforce a portage section over this 300m stretch of the route. Please ensure that you have additional tubes and puncture kits in the event of a puncture.

Approximately 1km from the end of Cogmanskloof Pass, there is a section where the lane undergoing roadworks is at a lower level (approximately a metre) than the lane you cycle on. As with the rest of this section of the route, please exercise caution.


Ashton: from the Pass to the turnoff at Zandvliet Road

Length: 3km

The section of road from the exit of the Pass to the Team Support Zone in Ashton is 3km long. Although the road condition in Ashton is also not great, it is no worse than previous years. It will be busy with motor vehicles backed up waiting for the Pass to reopen. Please note that this section of the road is still within the neutral zone.


Zandvliet Road, Ashton

Length: 2.5km

Here, cyclists will meet up with their Team Support Vehicles at the traditional first Team Support Zone.

Total time allocated from the start of the enforced neutral zone to the exit of the Team Support Zone in Ashton is 1 hour.

After the Team Support Zone in Zandvliet Road, the first kilometre exiting Ashton also has roadworks and is a narrow road. If these roadworks have not been completed before the event, you must exercise caution negotiating through here as well. We will be monitoring the progress of all roadworks and will keep teams up to date with the situation.


Important note: The description above is based on the situation along the Coronation Double Century route at the time of entry applications opening. We realise that things will change and we will keep you fully informed of the conditions and safety measures being implemented.

By entering the event, all riders accept that they are aware of the situation in respect of the route and roadworks affecting it, as well as the potential measures (detailed above) that may be implemented to ensure the safety of the participants.


  1. Severability


If one or more of these terms are found to be unenforceable, such term shall be deemed to be severable from the remainder of the terms and the remaining terms shall in all other respects remain in full force and effect.

By entering online or starting the event, I confirm that I understand the above information and I have exercised my choice voluntarily and the clauses as indicated in bold and underlined, have been drawn to my attention and that I have had adequate opportunity to read and understand the terms and conditions and that I understand and agree to be bound by them.