Refreshment Stations and Team Support Zones

What cyclists can expect at the various designated stops:

Refreshment station at the top of Tradouw Pass (32km into the ride). This station will have Coca Cola and water

 Refreshment station at Op De Tradouw. You will need to go slightly off the route and into the Tradouw Fruit Packing Facility if you would like to stop here for Coca Cola or water.

Please Note:

There will be a neutral zone between Montagu and the Ashton team support zone. Each team’s time will be paused for up to 60 minutes allowing cyclists to cycle along Cogmanskloof, which is currently under construction, and meet up with their team support vehicles in Zandvliet Road, Ashton. Cyclists may not exceed 30km/hour in this stretch. Not adhering to this rule will lead to a time penalty for the team.

Find your support vehicle at the team support zone in Ashton. Please ensure that your support vehicle carries all your team’s nutrition and drinks. Water will not be available.

Before reaching Bonnievale, turn right onto the R317 (Stormsvlei Road) over Rooibrug towards Bonnievale Cellars. There is a Refreshment Station here with Coca Cola and water

–  The second Team Support Zone starts 2.7km before Bonnievale Cellars. Your race time will be paused for up to 30 minutes. This is the only other point on route that the support vehicle is allowed to feed the team. Please ensure that your support vehicle carries all your team’s nutrition and drinks. Water will not be available.

The Drew refreshment station is the final stop of the race and will provide cyclists with Coca Cola and water. Please fill up with liquids here as it can get quite hot on race day and the last 26km to the finish is pretty brutal.

You have just completed the 2021 OMW Double Century! Thank you participating and safe travels home!

All six official stops on the route have limited toilet facilities available.

NOTE: Support vehicles are now allowed from the Ashton team support zone and may support their team up until the Van Eeden Street turn off from the R60. Support vehicles will continue at this point to turn left at Voortrekker street. No support vehicle is allowed to follow the team to the Finish Line.  Failure to adhere to this could lead to the disqualification of the team.

Support Team Information

Your back-up crew is vital, but also has some rules to follow.

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